Claude Lyons has been serving government, industry, academia, healthcare and export markets for over 98 years since its establishment in 1918.

Due to changing market conditions the directors have made the decision to cease trading and to wind down the operations of the Claude Lyons Group, including the Transformer and Electrical Co Ltd (TEC).  All orders have been completed and the Waltham Cross premises have been sold.  The company is fully solvent and all obligations have been or will be met.

The remaining content on this website is currently retained for historical information only and does not in any way imply continued availability of the products described.  These pages will not be maintained or updated and may be removed at any time.

Please do not send further enquiries, orders or marketing communications.  Pending the formal winding-up of the company in all other cases please contact sales@lyons-instruments.co.uk or you can obtain spares from www.lyons-instruments.co.uk who are stockists of surplus Claude Lyons units and spares.

We wish to thank our customers and suppliers for their valued support over the years.


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The Claude Lyons Group
2 Tower House, Hoddesdon, Herts, EN11 8UR, England
Spares are obtainable from www.lyons-instruments.co.uk who are stockists of surplus Claude Lyons units and spares .

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UK Established Since 1918

The Claude Lyons Group was founded in the UK in 1918 and is still in private ownership. Since our early days we have been innovators in areas related to voltage and power control and more recently in energy saving and harmonic mitigation. Operating as a global exporter with many years experience we can justifiably call ourselves a world leader in the field of voltage stabilisers, power conditioning and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)